PlanoTseScript is a web search scripting language. It does all of the following automatically:

  • Generate multiple search strings for multiple search iterations
  • Combine all search engine result pages into one
  • Filter document links based on a web search script

With such automation you can now make your computer work as hard at night as you do at work during the day. For example, in a job search scenario, from your input of 3 job titles, 4 industries and 5 cities, PlanoTse generates 60 search strings. Instead of manually running Google 60 times and tediously shifting through hundreds of result pages and thousands of document links, you can just let PlanoTse do all the work while you sleep. When all done, you only need to review relevant links on a single table. You no longer have to deal with broken links, crazy popups and unwanted ads. In short, PlanoTse is a must for Google users.

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